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When Ÿwän sends out communication, it's to meet a need or serve a purpose. In his no-nonsense approach to leadership and coaching, he doesn’t add to the chaos of life with fluff and clutter. If you receive something from him, it will be a solid contribution to your development. Ÿwän (Greek pronunciation: ​[Uwæn]; born Watson Delice on February 14, 1990) is an American Businessman, Brand developer, millennial author, programmer, professional web-developer (PHP, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, Drupal, Wordpress, etc), business brand strategist, speaker, model, and actor. Born to Pakistani-Haitian parents in Monte Cristi, Castañuela in the North of the Dominican Republic who is currently living in Miami, Florida. He has seven older siblings and three younger ones. He is a humanitarian he founded "BE YOUER THAN YOU"_ a non-profit organization that promotes peace and happiness all over the world through various publications and widespread distributions of powerful motivational booklets.