Patricia Sloan is a native from the Lone Star State. She is both the author and the creator/illustrator of seven day of the week characters known as the Greenwich Super-Duper Days® which are introduced in her picture book for children titled WHERE DO THE MONDAYS GO? Patricia's Greenwich Super-Duper Days® are from the secret hiding place where time begins - Greenwich, in southeast London, United Kingdom. WHERE DO THE MONDAYS GO? received an "Honorable Mention" in the children's book category at the 2013 London Book Festival. Patricia had the opportunity to travel to London where she attended the event on January 23, 2014 to receive the award personally. WHERE DO THE MONDAYS GO? also received "Finalist - Hard Cover Picture Book Category" in the 2013 International Book Awards. WHERE DO THE MONDAYS GO? has tiptoed over into the educational market. Teachers and students in elementary schools both locally here in Texas and around the globe have embraced the story and the Greenwich Super-Duper Days®. To find out the "story behind the story" visit my official WHERE DO THE MONDAYS GO? author website: