Semi-retired Math Teacher, self-made thousand-aire, interested in just about anything under the sun. I am old enough to insist that a preposition in something you definitely should not end a sentence with. Several years ago in the late 70's and early 80's, Seth Godin was my student at Williamsville East High School and wrote a note home to my wife, Nancy, on the paper bag in which I had brought my bologna sandwich lunch. He penned an analysis of the contents of my meal: 10% salt, 40% fat, 50% chazerai* Please see to it that Stevie gets a more nutritious meal henceforth. Yours truly Pseth Godin. You see the P was silent like the k in knave. Later on , when he published "Quick Lit, " he actually thanked me for being his teacher in the acknowledgement. I am your devoted fan of acrostics. Respectfully, Steve Greenberg * For a translation, find someone who understands Yiddish