Howard, Heinlein, Herbert, Anderson. Men who's writings moved Tim, shaped him and sometimes comforted him, but they always enthralled and entertained him. They are the ones responsible for planting the seed of being an author in his mind, a seed that grew and festered waiting for release. Reading had always been a means of escape from the doldrums, pain and suffering in his world. Born in 1959 on an Army base in New Mexico to a soldier father, he was raised with a strict hand. He was introduced to the outdoors at a young age and it became his point of refuge. He hated heavy cold winters, they meant being encapsulated indoors, being barred from the outdoors he loves so much. Then he found the joy of these gentleman and other ladies and gentleman like them, they allowed escape from the doldrums of "Cold Weather Induced House Arrest". Upon graduation from high school, Tim joined the U.S. Army and spent his adult development years in it.