Hi my name is Normand. I like to find information and let others know about what I have found. At this moment in time I am finding out about stuff that Kevin Trudeau, and many others talk about, such as cures that they don't want you to know about. I have located many sources of information on various topics in regards to secrets that have and are kept from the general public. How to achieve success in your life, How to help change your way of thinking from negative to positive, How to manifest your desires into reality. I started off writing an article about 17 pages but never did anything with it. Then I wrote a book and published it wow big bucks there my first royalty check was $5.48. One main lesson here is to never give up on your dreams. Then I discovered that to help as many people as possible, was to write as many books on different subjects. So I will endeavor to continue since I enjoy writing helpful as well as entertaining books.