Mike Deathe is a stay-at-home dad who found his passion as a dog trainer in 2008. He is the author of Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.) Pet Blog, and has written several books on dogs and dog training. As an avid pet lover, he regularly sees the number of dogs and cats that never find a home, so in 2009, he founded Muttz “R” Us, a funny T-Shirt venture with the motto of “Saving Pets…One T-Shirt at a Time” In 2010 KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (KISS) DOG TRAINING was born and since then has been teaching dogs and owners in their homes and at Broadmore Kennels, in Shawnee, Ks and Queen of Paws in Prairie Village, Ks. Besides dog training Mike has done all sorts of other stuff including; co-hosting a radio show, Q&A for several T.V. stations, been a district manager, operations manager and even done some sales training in his past… In the end what Mike really is, is a teacher! Whether dogs, business or life in general… His greatest passion is helping others!