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Author of the Memoirs of a Texan historic fiction saga. Heritage starts with struggles and adventures of Cobb and Morgan ancestors coming to America and their involvement in the French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, western settlements, and pre-Civil War tension. War is the story of a young VMI cadet caught up in the Civil War who leaves Virginia with a stolen Union payroll and builds an empire in post-war Texas. Redemption, in Texas occurs when ex-Confederates are allowed to vote and overturn Carpetbag government. In Empire, Jim Cobb and associates build fortunes in the trinity of Texas industry - cattle, cotton, and oil. In Descendants, new generations contend with Prohibition, fight two world wars, and resist communist aggression. Gliese 667Cc and Startup Management Primer are my diversions in science fiction, 'first man on earth', and results-based management. Please visit my website,, for more information on me and my books.