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Kevin Morgan (aka FitOldDog aka TheIronmanMentor) is a vegan, Veterinary Pathologist and Ironman Triathlete, with an interest in animal rights, who has moved into a new career, related to body movement and aging. His business, Old Dogs in Training LLC, has the goal of encouraging people to undertake programs of safe exercise for better health. He emphasizes getting on with life after major health challenges, which includes aging. He is the first person in the world to complete an Ironman race with an abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft. His desire to continue Ironman racing, safely, into his 70s has promoted his interest in body awareness and movement training, which was sparked by the success of the Feldenkrais Method to fix his chronic knee pain, where everyone else failed. Current efforts are based around reducing animal cruelty, where a plant-based diet makes a great start. As a veterinarian, I guess it was about time I stopped eating meat, dairy products and eggs. Life is good!