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Dr. Emad Rahim is an award-winning author, educator, entrepreneur, Fulbright Scholar and TEDx Speaker. He currently serves as the Kotouc Endowed Chair for the Project Management Center of Excellence and Associate Professor at Bellevue University, and appointed Fellowships at the Jack Welch Management Institute and Rutgers University. Dr. Rahim co-authored the book ‘Leading through Diversity: Transforming Managers into Effective Leaders’ and ‘The Inclusive Leader: An Applied Approach to Diversity, Change, and Management,’ and wrote the award-winning article ‘The Growing Epidemic of Islamophobia in America: Social Change through Appreciative Inquiry.’ His story was turned into a short documentary (Against the Odds) and incorporated into a theater production titled Tales from the Salt City’, which is an extension of the acclaimed Undesirable Elements series written by celebrated playwright and Presidential National Medals of Arts Award recipient, Ping Chong.