Welcome to my FastPencil Marketplace webpage! I just published my first book called Becoming Your Dog's God: Mastering the Art of Pack Leader in No Time Flat and I am delighted to finally share it with the world. Who is this book for? This book is written from a dog lover to another dog lover and shows you how claim pack leader status quickly and easily by making one simple change within yourself. The book is for you if you have an adult dog at home that does not listen, is overexcited, is possessive, territorial, charges through doors uncontrollably, is always seeking attention, causes chaos within the home, barks uncontrolleably, and so much more! The book is also for you if you own a puppy and want to have 100% pack leader control from day one and prevent any future behavior problems from arising. Let me share my secret with you and show you just how easily you can become a pack leader of your dog once you understand and recognize a few simple secrets.