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As was a practicing OB/GYN for thirty years, stress has not been a stranger. Consequently, I adopted a "lemons to lemonade" leitmotif putting words into action accomplishing a "physician-heal-thyself" end. Artistic expression in the form of published works through (Word Plays & Stories; Love, Damn!; Words B Word, Right?; Vicarious Healing; In Other Words & Directions; Memoirs of A Traveling OB/GYN Series: Montana, Connecticut and Minnesota) and on (Tales of A Raconteuse For Way Worn Travelers), hopefully demonstrate my proficiency in this process. I also am the artist/founder of CaLorBa & Company Designs- a green-friendly recycling craft online shop ( If any portion of my work presented here assists readers in creatively finding light in their own dark places unswayed by naysayers, reservations, excuses, and/or time, then I can honestly say that we have sharpened one another! And, for this, I will be eternally grateful. I am both thankful and blessed that you have decided to enjoy one or two samples of the one-of-a-kind lemonade served up in these pages. Enjoy!