Author of poetry, short stories and novels. Books this far: Two collections of poems, "Deler av livet - i styrke og svakhet." + "Til: Folket. Fra: Folk.", and one collection of short stories, "Tanker uten selvtillit". In writing: Poem-collection, "Livets fascist". Childrensbook with rhymes, "Rim og regler for barna", and first novel in a Fantasy trilogy, "Torden - fødsel." Future plans are to publish other authors, whom are waiting with good materials in poetry, short stories and novels. Some of these authors will guest my books in the beginning, with their own work and a presentation. I offer them a share of my sales, and on their future books a 70% income of their own book sales, after expenses withdrawn. I also use amateur painters, drawers and photographers to illustrate my books and/or connections accordingly. The purpose is to promote others in creative fields, thus they can as well earn something on their beloved hobbies.