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Sara Borczuk Applebaum, born in Kyrgyzstan in 1942 is a survivor of the Holocaust dedicated to recovering her family's stories and finding answers to lingering questions of what happened.

After a long career in education and retiring from her position as a school principal, she became intensely involved in genealogical research.

That was part of the answer to finding some of the "LOST".

Recovering her family's stories was the "FOUND" part. She sought to understand the remarkable people that were her parents and how they survived.

They overcame deportation to Siberia and then Kyrgyzstan, and harrowing times there. Her father overcame being wounded and survived his time in a Polish unit of the Russian Army. They managed to get back to and then out of a newly Communist Poland to find her sister in Belgium. Eventually they made it to America ... stateless refugees to a new homeland.

Our family stories and our own personal stories, make us who we are.

It is to the memories of the "Lost and Found" and to the many people...both individuals and organizations, that help recover and preserve the stories...that this book is dedicated.

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