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Contained within are Essays and Programs,
Readings and Pageant Scripts
Designed for the use of Granges & Communities

~ Masonic Symbols ~ Fraternal Ritual ~
~ Classical Myth & the elusive Eleusinian Mysteries ~
~ 19th Century Idealism ~ Romantic Imagery

~ Ann Brigit Waters is a member of the Little Lake Grange #670 in Willits, Ca… and has held a number of offices in her Community, Pomona and State Granges. Her interest and enthusiasm for Classical Mythology and ancient cultures began during childhood bedtime stories, rediscovered in high school literature and has never abated.

~ Upon discovering the Eleusinian Mysteries hidden within Grange ritual Ann was elated and began to study any resource or book that could reveal more of the history and mystery of the ceremonies of the Patrons of Husbandry.

~ Evidence of universal core values and precepts are present in Grange ritual and degree ceremonies and were communicated through the words of the origin documents and degrees as a life-study for the 19th Century farmer and Granger.

~ Layered meaning carefully composed by our talented and thoughtful founders are useful to seasonal farm work and are valuable and emblematic of deep inner work still relevant today.

~ The Grange has an opportunity to continue to gather in and relate to Millennials and potential future Grangers. They will be looking 'somewhere' for meaning, a code of conduct and ideals in their lives beyond the traditional churches and institutions of their parents.

~ Let us choose to maintain our core values while we dare to evolve toward a vision of the society we see coming of age in this century. Esto Perpetua!

~ Keywords:
the Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, Eleusinian Mysteries, Demeter, Ceres, Pomona, Flora, Permaculture, Symbols, Farm Implements, Harvest, Perseverance, Faith, Hope, Charity, Fidelity, Fraternal, Masonic, ritual, ceremony, precepts, Greek myth, populism, Imagery

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