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This book contains one of the most unique approaches to modern day car buying. Instead of offering adivce that creates an adversrial relationship between the customer and the Dealership,the approach presented, provides insight as to how Dealerships operate and create profit. This book also provides a detailed description of the selling systems Dealerships employ to sell you a car.

The second half of the book switches gears. With an understanding of how the Dealership's selling systems function to create profit, the reader is guided through a "step by step" approach of how to take control of those selling systems.

In addition, this book addresses topics rarely discussed, such as maximizing trade-in value, identifying "target units," and revealing the Dealership's hidden motivation to sell you a car potentially thousands below cost. It's done every day.

This book also identifies the common mistakes customers make in car deal negotiations, as well as the "urban car buying myths" many customers believe and use to "beat up the Dealership." Find out "what works" and "what doesn't."

The author, R.L.Bowman has over 20 years of experience in the Retail Sales/Automobile industry. Included in this book is an extra feature to answer any questions the reader may have. Don't let the price fool you, this is one of the most comprehensive books written on the subject of "how to buy a car."

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