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Ready to cut through the clutter and make a name for yourself? Wondering why your brand still isn’t seeing the attention it deserves? Help is here!

In Personal Paparazzi, you’ll discover how to see your brand’s name in lights, tell your brand story your way, and generate greater exposure… without wasting money on ineffective traditional marketing methods that won’t attract today’s customers.

Written by industry experts Alina Vincent and Christine Whitmarsh, you get years of experience as your guide. Learn innovative new ways to tell your brand story that get people talking about you and eager to buy. In the book you’ll find:

• How to create a positive brand strategy and boost your reputation
• The content strategies that will put you above the competition
• The hottest way to talk to your customers (and get them talking about you)
• How to tilt public perception in your favor and use it to as a marketing weapon
• The best content to have in your arsenal as damage control in a PR crisis
• And so much more!

Maximize your profits, and boost your brand visibility using words and images. Learn how by grabbing your copy of Personal Paparazzi!

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First Edition
PDF eBook
6x9, 70 pages