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Have you ever doubted your salvation? Maybe you never wanted to become a Christian because you are not ready for the sacrifice. Perhaps you have always heard that if you were a "true" Christian you would surrender every part of your life to Christ. If you didn't make Christ Lord of all your life, He isn't your Lord at all. This is what most people in "evangelical" churches are fighting in their own hearts. They don't understand grace how God describes it in His Word.

Joel Collison, a young author brought up in a very grace-centered church, wrote an excellent defense for grace plus nothing. He uses several Bible passages to prove that works are not part of salvation, a requirement to stay born again, or a tool to determine if you "are really saved."

This book brings you on an adventure through the Word of God, to see if there is any evidence for Lordship Salvation. Starting first with what the gospel is and clearing up misconceptions about the gospel, then giving examples of saved people that did not make God "Lord of all," and finally answering different questions that come up about the gospel. This book will show anyone with an honest respect for God's Word, that Lordship Salvation is "the impossible gospel."

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Second Edition
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