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The author goes down memory lane and explains how he enjoyed the transcendental trips during the past twenty seven years. Secrets that were never before revealed should interest everyone including the medical fraternity. Many have tried to unravel the mystic transcendental energy for centuries but with only partial luck. Beginners and practioners of spiritualism will know in advance what to expect on the transcendental path. What are the lost secrets about Bhakti yoga? What are the unknown possibilities and pitfalls that arise on a transcendental trip? What are the ways to overcome the pitfalls? Whether Bhakti Yoga is superior to Kundalini Yoga or vice versa? Did Sri Aurobindo practice a subtle form of Bhakti Yoga? How the Kundalini rises through the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis? What is the difference between consciousness within our body and that outside the body? What happens when unconsciousness takes over? Can we know in advance whether our soul would go to heaven or hell after death? What are the types of yogas and how they impact our mind, body and spirit? Does Freemasonry believe in spiritualism? How do religions and philosophies effect spiritualism? How members of the Gaudiya Sect (of which ISKCON is an off-shoot) see God? How powerful is the soul in us and its spirit? Get answers to all the above questions and satisfy your quest. Know and experience your Atma, i.e Consciousness/Soul, and Paramatma i.e Supersoul/ Superconsiousness/ God. Contents of the book are highly experiential rather than theoretical. For its sheer contents, this book should form a permanent part of one’s library.

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