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Prophet Ricky Fitts First Edition of The Witness of A Prophet goes

into details on how Christ is moving his Church to another level. The

Book illustrates the mind and power Christ displays to his people and

the World. This book is inspired by God and surely shows a side of

God that many don't know. All the words of prophecies ministers

to where your standing in faith. The anointing on this Book will

change your life. It's shows you that Christ will not tolerate anyone

challenging his authority as Head of the Church and as Head of

household. Prophet Ricky Fitts adds the prayer of the temple of

Solomon, but instead he uses another way by dedicating the earthly

Body as a Temple by prayer and supplication. This First Edition is one

of many. It will draw you closer and strengthen your walk with Christ

Jesus. Prophet Ricky Fitts spends more time on what God is speaking

forth right now and what God been observing. This book doesn't leave

room for error. Your either for God or you are against God. Prophet

Ricky Fitts touches on the Kingdom of God and the authority, power

and results it gives on the earth. If your lost or feeling unsure about

your walk with God. This book will help you get focus, because it's

inspired by the Holy Spirit. Prophet Ricky Fitts quote" Reading this

book inspires himself to reach for more Holiness." Yes, Prophet Ricky

Fitts say's he is the writer, but also a reader, a fan of what the Holy

Spirit have inspired him to share with his Beloved bride.

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