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Joe Daniels lives in a small town called McKenna, In 2008, His parents left Joe at his grandparents house when they went on vacation. Two weeks later, his parents didn't return home. Present day, Joe continues to live in McKenna, doing the same thing, day in, day out until he meets the new girl Autumn Daughtry. Autumn had just moved from another small town across the US. After a couple of dates, Joe returns home to receive the uncomfortable news. His parents are dead. His grandparents had been keeping a secret from him for the past two years. Angered by his grandparents betrayal. He packs his bag and leaves. He asks Autumn to come with him.

Once Joe arrives at Autumn's place. He tells her that he's ready to LEAVE THIS TOWN for good. Joe and Autumn set off across America; traveling to different cities, seeing different places. When Joe and Autumn are on the road. They end up falling for each other in ways they didn't even knew existed. Joe must forget his past, forget what has upset him and hurt him and move on with Autumn by his side.

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