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“The Creative Sales Person: How To Develop Your Creativity Into An Effective Sales Tool” by management consultant Ralph Monti, is an expert guidebook for using one’s creativity to become a better salesperson, especially in the constantly changing 21st century where the spread of information technology has made today’s consumers sharp and savvy. From learning to let go of the fear that curtails creative impulses; to brainstorming for fun and results; to learning from children who have yet to form too many hard and fast preconceptions of the world, and a great deal more, The Creative Sales Person is an excellent supplementary resource for anyone pursuing a professional sales career”.

James Cox
Midwest Book Review

“Ralph Monti’s Creative Sales Person book and seminar has helped me appeal to the “business creative side” of my sales team’s brain, reinforcing the value of connecting to our clients as if we were CEOs in their firms. His work is instructive, insightful and real world. My sales team has grown in their knowledge and made new discoveries to apply to their daily sales efforts.”

Vanessa Cognard
Crain’s New York Business

“Ralph Monti has devised a fresh, new approach to an old and now more complex problem—that is selling to a bigger, more competitive, more sophisticated market today. The old methods don’t work, and Monti has good ideas how to change all that. The message makes a lot of sense, with its straightforward, to the point, in easy-to-read/follow, engaging, entertaining language—all quite necessary to reach fast-paced salespeople. The book directs the reader to tap into new regions of the brain, break through the creative block, find new markets, etc. It’s energizing, encouraging stuff. Sales people/marketers would do well just to enlarge the chapter slogans (e.g. “Success is the result of backbone, not wishbone”, etc.) and hang in their offices.”

The Editors
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