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In this thought-provoking and engaging adventure, Imp trains in another dimension to implant those nagging, negative thoughts that plague us all. Riding destructive energy, Imp and his cohorts manipulate people and events for the Great Evil One. As the fable unfolds, Imp tries for the righteous side rather than transform into a demon.

What happens in our minds when we are unconscious? Where do people go when they die—then come back? Where do those little voices in our heads come from? Dr. Mamah’s original and engaging fable offers an inspired explanation framed as creative story with a triumphant anti-hero in a classic struggle between good and evil. Imp is a parable for all ages, addressing the "why" of unconsciousness, coma, and negativity, and encouraging personal responsibility.

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Second (Illustrated) Edition
5.5x8.5, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, white semigloss, color interior, 106 pages