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This is a look at how i battle myself daily to stay clean, my struggles are real, my madness is present. I try and try but the most important thing is i dont give up!! Ive battled with PTSD an depression all my life, some say im mad but am I? am i allowed to do my program my ways> the steps muddled up and not in order. I have lived in parks and hostels, i have been rich, i have been poor. The best people ive ever met has been in the fellowship, Read my book, it has a humorous side to recovery. It is in no way associated with AA or NA..The first few meetings, i didn't know why everybody's laughing and drug free. I couldn't find any happiness joyous and free cause i was so angry inside, hated the world and fought every step of the way. It had to be done my way or the highway and i just didnt wonna play there way. Had to do things in my time even tho i was my own worst enemy and influence.

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