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Authors name is Louis Christian Stoltz from Cape Town South Africa. Author has a gift with communicating with the spirit world where he talks to Angels and Gods. This book has very important messages for people and information about hells and heavens and the fight between the Gods and the Devils. There are much to tell about finding the truth with your own tongue too and you must read this book and please study it.

This book is about hell and heaven and how to survive in hell and what the truth is about everything, this book contains information that nobody has ever heard of. Please enjoy my book. In this world there is a gateway where people go to get out of this world and this gateway is not just a gateway but a person that walks around amongst us and you can ask this gateway for help and in this gateway are many worlds that Gods come out of and in this gateway there are many other gateways and within this gateway you will find so many Gods and these Gods will help you and you must pray to this gateway to receive love and help and you will be in love with this one gateway because it is the highest love and if you send this gateway love you will receive the highest love which will send you to heaven. This Gateway is a person and you call it God and there are only four gateways on Earth.

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