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"Where Does Autism Comes From, Wonder The Turtle Family?"(Copyright 2009-2011) By Tabatha D. Cain, Publisher Emmanuel Cain Innovations llc, edited by Antoinette Parnell Balfour, and illustrated by Danielle Cruz Torres. Ms.Cain whose daughter is diagnosed with Autism and Adhd, is aware of the everyday difficulties faced by parents and children with these and similar diagnosis. Her awareness has led to devoting many years of her life sharing acquired knowledge and experiences with other families living under similar conditions. This book tells the story of a youngster's quest to get to the root of Autism. The story is told through the viewpoint of the character Jack Turtle assisted by his sister Jill, who are both diagnosed with Autism. The purpose of the story is to inspire and encourage and to capture as well hold the interest of children with all types of diseases and other disabilities, while helping them to understand the precious jewel that they are and the bright future that occurs with love, faith and hope Locally, Globally.

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2nd Edition
8.5x11, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, White Matte for Premium Color (70#), color interior, 24 pages