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"Let China sleep, for when she awakes, she will shake the world.” –Napoleon Bonaparte.

“Someone’s gotta take charge. Someone is going to take charge. Be nice if it’s America. But it’s going to be somebody.”

China is ruthless when defending her interests; think: Tiananmen Square. With her global markets under attack by terrorists and her growth slowing, China’s economic future is in danger. China needs more room, more resources and more jobs. Russia’s population is in precipitous decline, unable to exploit the enormous resources in Siberia, China’s doorstep to central Asia. Europe is out of work and plunging into a jobless depression, and a childless – short – future. Political Islam is a gathering storm harming China’s markets globally, from Europe to Africa to America.

Weeks before the American Presidential election, America is attacked by terrorists, deepening China’s economic problems. Joined shortly by a new, direct and forceful American President, China acts to protect and defend her interests.

China is Rising.

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Fourth Edition
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