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There is an emerging crisis with the state of computer industry. On the supply side, there are the bottlenecks caused by the limitations of the CPU. On the demand side, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing the computing power requirements dramatically.
There is a demonstrated way out. Using ASICs, Bitcoin has successful shown how to replace the CPU and achieved over one hundred times the efficiency. The FPGA is a special ASIC with remote programming capability.
Seeing these above facts, our proposed ‘Rabbit’ system provides the solution. A system with no CPU, no Internet, and it brings new concepts in networking, computing, software programming and service quality. Rabbit's forecast for the network and computing market in the coming decades is: 15% of traditional Internet business, 30% of non-Realtime AI, and 55% of consumer Realtime virtual reality.
The Rabbit system minimizes the distance between the resources to the applications, and meanwhile, maximizes the availability of resources to the market. In fact, Rabbit subverts the traditional computing architecture established by John von Neumann over 70 years ago.
This is achieved with an innovative alliance-based business model which will unleash orders of magnitude growth in the market. Our goal is to establish this alliance and maintain the Rabbit environment and technical standards to accelerate the adoption of this critically needed solution.
My book defines the Rabbit ecosystem with the five inseparable elements: 1) Topology structure, 2) Network Equipment, 3) System Management, 4) Application Procedures, and 5) Programming Environment.

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