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Hearty Welcome to all Life Champions. It’s my pleasure and gratitude to share with you all my thoughts on Life Leadership through this book “Everyday Life Champion".

You live only once as you, and if you miss this chance you will never have another opportunity to be yourself so make best use of this gift called Life.

Your Goals must be big enough for you to remark: "I don't know HOW?" & Your Beliefs must be strong enough to make a remark: "I know I will”.

This book is a compilation of Life Leadership messages and every day motivational thoughts that would keep you going irrespective of the challenge we face today in this highly competitive world.

* It’s a collection of 60 chapters of life transforming messages & stories that will help you sail through your tough times and reflect your inherent strengths and limitations.
* This book will transform your life if you are really interested to make a difference to this world of being "You and You only".
*Finally you got to believe that you are a "Life Champion".

There is no sequence as such to read this book but you may choose to read what would benefit you in respective roles of life you play today. Hope you will enjoy the content and Look forward to your feedback/comment

Dr.Dinesh Chandrasekar has over 17 years of rich IT & Consulting experience in CRM, Analytics, Management Consulting, IP Development and Strategic Advisory services to CXOs. He is currently heading the Hitachi Consulting IDC’s Innovation & Digital Enterprise group.

* Author of the Book “Everyday Customer Experience (CX) Champion, a Revolutionary Journey from CRM to CX World” http://pothi.com/pothi/book/ebook-dinesh-chandrasekar-dc-everyday-cx-champion-0
• MIMC (Member of the Institute of Management Consultant)
• Conferred Honorary Doctorate, PhD by Univ.of S.Kenya (March 2015)
* Passionate about coaching, innovation and digital art

Wishing you Most and More of Life.
Best Regards,

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