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Poegles: A Short History and Collection is a book of poetry created by rearranging the sentences generated by Internet search engines. A poegle is a poem that you make from other people’s words (“Poem” + “Google” = “Poegle”). Type a phrase, such as “before the war,” into a search engine, then copy and paste the resulting sentences that contain the phrase. Next, edit the sentences – subtract words, change tenses, rearrange the order – until you have a poem, or poegle. Anyone can make a poegle. The raw materials may come from others, but the poegle is the poegler’s own.

Poegles will appeal to the vast number of people who enjoyed studying the liberal arts in college – literature, art history, perhaps philosophy – but were too sensible to try to make a career of those interests by becoming a university professor, and to the people who love them. Poegles is genuine literature that can be both created and enjoyed by the masses; it will be a clever gift for birthdays, the holidays, and graduation, as well as an attractive impulse buy for the intellectual business traveler hopping on a three hour flight from Chicago to Dallas.

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