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The unthinkable has happened; the peaceful world of Filius has descended into civil war, its races divided. Old allegiances are forsaken, and treaties ignored. Fighters and bombers streak across the sky. Great cities lie in ruins, and death is everywhere.

After losing their parents to an air raid, teenagers Matakh and Meea struggle to cope. But as a vicious regime takes hold and innocent children are threatened, the two find themselves tasked with caring for a small group of fugitives. Although still reeling from their loss, the siblings take up their call and lead other children to safety in the Underground.

In the subterranean labyrinth, they may be safe from the violence above. But now they must face a new set of challenges. They must find a means of securing supplies, and stay hidden from prying eyes. If they are to survive, Matakh and Meea will have to hold fast to their faith, their friends, and to one another. And all the while, they must fight to cope with their own loss, and cling to what little hope still shines through the darkness that has engulfed their world...

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Second Edition
7x10, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, White Matte (50#), b&w interior, 226 pages