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This book has everything from the mind of Tyler Workman and his co-authors. Everything is in here from sex, drugs, and violence to epic fight scenes between good and evil. From Shawn Lenne to Draco McCallister. Don't just read the back, read the rest, too.

Battle For the Universe: The brain child of Shawn Lenne and Tyler Workman. Watch the sci-fi adventure unfold. Join characters such as Shawn Lenne, Lila Sterling, and Vixen Lacrae as they stop all sorts of villains and crime lords both past, present, and future

The Mixed Adventure: This is a mash-up between both ideas with it's own plot! Witness the team up off all heroes and villains as the story unfolds into something epic.

The Elements of Power: The fantasy side of the book. It is the brain child of Jonathan Kroenke Jr. and Tyler Workman. Join epic heroes on an epic journey to defeat all incarnations of the Demigod, Chainlink. Witness the adventure through heroes such as King T.J. III, Draco McCallister, and Queen Agatha.

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2014 First Edition
8.5x11, , , color interior, 356 pages