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Across the Sheugh concerns the changing life of a young boy brought to Ireland from the North of England. It describes a childhood and a lifestyle that has vanished now, since the "Troubles" of Northern Ireland changed that Province completely. The book covers a period of peace and tranquility in which children could enjoy their life without fear and in complete innocence. The stories are largely factual, though some of the characters, places and events have been changed to maintain the privacy of individuals.
Covering the period 1958 - 1965 The book gives an overview of the life lessons one young boy learned from his loving parents, extended family and friends. He learned the importance of truth and being accountable for his own actions, which sadly appear to be missing in much of our modern society. It was a time when corporal punishment and smacking was acceptable; when boys went swimming in rivers rather than swimming pools; when children challenged themselves every day and boredom was something unheard of. It is a time when friendships meant something and respect for others was ingrained in children.
The author has lived these stories and met these characters. It has been a life well-lived and full of love, laughter, kindness and humility. Those who read the book will relive their own youth and think of the times when they lived without the concerns and tribulations of our modern lives. They will smile and, maybe, shed a tear as the stories encourage pictures and thoughts from past days to fill their minds.

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