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I am humbled that God chose me to convey this important message to those in the nursing profession. As a Registered Nurse for over 30 plus years, I have cared for a multitude of diverse people throughout my career. During my experiences I have learned a lot about people in general. Due to the approach to begin every encounter with "love" I have had great success as a nurse. Love has been the driving force in my approach for many years. Shortly afterwards, the prophetic word, "What Can I Do To Make It All Better" was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. When I began to use this prophetic word in the forefront of my nursing practice, it took my nursing career to a whole new level!

I know in my heart nurses will be blessed by the "Foundational Principles of Caring" and the "Words of Wisdom" provided by God through his Holy Spirit. Again, I am grateful to have been chosen by God to be used as a vessel for his goodness and his glory. My hope is for nurses for take their practice to greater levels in the spirit and tap into those special gifts they have been blessed with by God. I look forward to nurses discovering that their work is more than just a job but a "calling." With the use of the "Foundational Principles of Caring" shared in this book, the special “Prophetic Word” given specifically to you by God, the "Gifts of the Spirit" the "Fruits of the Spirit" and applying the "Full Armor of God", your role as a caregiver will never be the same!!! Jimmy Louis Ellis Jr.

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