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Jeff Kagan has appeared on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, PBS, ABC, NBC and CBS as well as dozens of other radio and television stations,
newspapers and magazines and on the web.

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During his recovery from stroke, Jeff Kagan and his family had so many questions. They searched for answers, but found few.

Now after seven years of recovery Jeff Kagan decided to write a book
with the questions and the answers he was searching for.

He wrote this book to help others better understand their new world after stroke and the journey ahead.

This is that book.

Is your glass half full or half empty? Your answer to this question will
tell you in advance what kind of journey your next few years will be.

This question and many more are discussed in this book.

Belief in yourself and in your recovery and a positive attitude is what
really matters, along with a loving and supportive family and friends.

LIFE AFTER STROKE is written from one stroke survivor to another, and for family and friends. It is full of laughter and tears, ups and downs, and the important lessons learned and the questions answered through the long battle toward recovery.

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