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Every book has a soul. It is the reflection of the author who created the story. "DARK SOUL" is an exploration into my soul. It is written in the form of a personal journey into the darkness of my soul in quest of finding my way through the wilderness of my life for the past forty years. Throughout that time, I have lived and been confronted by, many times, the dark shadowy images of the people I either killed or helped to kill in my past. Now, you will be with me as I prepare to enter the "cave" of my mind and attempt to heal my soul. However, do not judge this book by its cover.

Like the shadows of the dark figures in Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" in "THE REPUBLIC", our thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviors working within our conscious and sub-conscious minds provide us with a form of indirect lighting presenting a superficial and often inaccurate, distorted image and understanding of our true "SELF". We justify our actions and behaviors. We create situations that violate our belief systems.

Written as a sequel to "LIFE AFTER RUSSIAN ROULETTE: REDEMPTION", the goal at the end of our journey together will, hopefully, be an experience that will shed a powerful light on the psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical inner battles that have affected my soul in the past, changed my personality and perception of "SELF".

Personally, I believe that everyone has a hidden dark side because of their past, whether or not they want to acknowledge or admit it. I think we all have made choices and decisions that we regret when we reflect on our life. In the end, hopefully, my story will inspire you to take a personal journey into the "cave" of your mind and psyche to understand the life of your soul.

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