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I became an authority on rejuvenation by necessity! As a Certified Image Consultant I needed to be at my optimum weight ad fitness. Between the ages of 54 and 63 I'd gained 33 pounds and developed severe osteoarthritis. I lost 43 pounds by age 65 and at age 70 I’ve kept my weight and rid myself of any osteoarthritis and I have very few lines on my face. I teach what I needed to learn. I seemed to channel the path that worked for me and I also a way to help others find their own unique and FUN path to attain and maintain their optimum weight and strength. People who’ve taken my workshops attest to this. I guide you to design you very own daily “way” that fits into your lifestyle. You can chip way all the “stuff” that isn’t the real you and allow the star you truly are to shine.

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