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"Islands of Recall" is a book designed to guide you in writing your autobiography. It will take you on a journey through your life. "Islands..." is written in a delightful guided imagery style that will ask you will board a "Ship of Memory" which will sail you first to "Childhood Island." After you have written your way through "Childhood Island," the "Ship of Memory" will return to take you to "Teen Island" and all the "islands" of your life until you arrive at the present "island" of your life today.

Simultaneously, you will be keeping a journal of your experiences in present time. This way you will be afforded a look at how the past has influenced the present. This style of writing, which combines autobiographical and journal writing, is called "Lifewriting."

In addition to teaching the art of "Lifewriting," "Islands..." also contains forty-eight short stories that show how the moments from anyone's life can serve as engaging stories. This autobiographical guide also contains a technical guide which features techniques for the most effective writing. The end result will be a publishable book that will show you more about yourself than you have known and a legacy for others to share in.

Author of "Islands of Recall," Louise Cabral, has been teaching classes and workshops in Lifewriting for over 25 years. She is a consummate writer who is dedicated to informing others of the healing, insight, enrichment, personal power, and spiritual value that can be found in the written word.

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