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Branna and Gavin are once again on a mission to save China. With the help from a new friend, Ava, the team will face a new enemy Huàirén, the leader of the Huns and China's worst enemy. Will they be able to defeat Huàirén or will his evil forces prevail?

Like the original "Dragon's Flame", "Dragon's Flame 2" is an exciting adventure that is sure to keep you turning the pages.

Branna May is the author of the hit children’s books
"Enchanting Lightning Mystery", "Enchanting Lightning 2: The Best Adventure", and "Dragon’s Flame." When she is not reading or writing, she enjoys playing guitar and drawing. Branna has also studied taekwondo for the past three years and currently holds a brown belt.

Branna loves being with family and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite books include "Warriors", "Harry Potter", and "Spirit Animals."

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First Edition
6x9, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, white semigloss, color interior, 46 pages