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Jeremy Rose was just a good Christian boy raised in a strict religious household in the south. Haunted by the memory of his over achieving father–he finds himself in Los Angeles, a student at UCLA, where he meets a beautiful young actress who turns his world upside down. For Jeremy, the world has never looked so bright and beautiful as on the day he fell in love with Lacey.

However, on a hazy day in a mildewed significantly aged cabin in Topeka Park, NY, he commits the heinous act of suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills, cheap liquor, and prescription muscle relaxers. His busty blonde mistress, Hilda, finds him several hours later lying in a pile of his own vile vomit.

The Corner between My Life and Hers is a coming of age tale of one man’s journey to find internal peace and satisfaction while battling his inner demons that ultimately undermine his ability to find joy in life. It details the gradual collapse of a family, a marriage, and psyche due to unresolved conflicts and things that are beyond anyone’s control.

The Corner between My Life and Hers takes the reader on a roller coaster ride with a character that is intriguing, provocative, and deeply engaging. Ultimately, answering the question we always wonder–Why did he do it?

Praise for The Corner:

Allison Itterly, Editor — “There are so many wonderful things about this story – the writing is so engaging and the characters are mesmerizing.” “BRAVO!”

G.F. Skipworth, Rosslare Arts International — “I recommend this powerful & wisely crafted story to all readers with an interest in the genre.”

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5x8, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, creme, b&w interior, 272 pages