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Do you believe in ghosts? They are mostly unseen. Unnoticeable. And believe it or not they are moving behind the scenes in the publishing industry. If you’re lucky you might catch a fleeting glimpse. They are officially called ‘ghostwriters’.

A ghostwriter is a writer who writes on an assigned topic under someone Else's name, with their consent. They often write books completely from scratch but sometimes their work involves rewriting or polishing an existing work.

Most books by famous personalities are actually written by ghostwriters. When you see an autobiography or memoir from a politician, businessperson, or celebrity, chances are that it has been written by a ghostwriter.

Find out how to do it yourself just like they do with this book you will have all the secrets in your hands.

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5.5x8.5, Saddle Stitch - Laminate Gloss, white semigloss, color interior, 36 pages