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A Australian village police man in out back of country Australia Is he a CIA spy ,spying on Australia . Is he the darling of the White House Is he the hard man the state department turn to when some one or thing upset the US Australian military alliance.
Is there to take them out and every one walks away smelling of roses
In his dutys of defending world freedom He has to keep his bed warm for the country girls looking for a perfect husband Kicking the village drunk up the butt
But Syrian terrorists and Chinese gangsters have to be dealt wiht in a mining sight out of town
Harry the CIA chief spy who run the Australian sector Because he was trained in Washington by Frank the police man Both served in a hit squad in middle east killing terrorists So why is the chief of Chinese police intelligence looking for him also
So now Frank is back at his best nicking thugs and vermin
Brought back from out of cold by the state department

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