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Neuro Warrior is a rare and unique glimpse into the inner world of traumatic brain injury. It is a gripping real life struggle of a young woman who was severely injured in a tractor trailer accident and against all odds was able to comeback and talk about it. This book is a must have guide for survivors and medical professionals who truly want an insightful perspective into what it's like to live day to day with brain injury. The authors personal experience is creatively brought to life due to a medical phenomenum that allowed her a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally have a voice that was lost as a result of her injuries.
Neuro Warrior will change the way we look at the diagnosis, treatment and long term care of those coming back from war, traumatic events or personal tragedy. It shines a light on the pitfalls of healthcare, society and the culture of caring for those around us with disabilities.
This story will engage all the senses and inspire anyone who is motivated to comeback from a brain injury and be a voice for those whose time has come to finally be heard.

"Tracie's story is a wake up call to caregivers, professionals, families and survivors. This is a story that will open your eyes to what really happens behind the scenes to a vulnerable population. It will inspire survivors to reach beyond the boundaries set by today's society.
Neuro Warrior is the long awaited voice of TBI."

---12 yr TBI Survivor----

Tracie Dulniak lives independently with her service dogs and is active in martial arts, service dog training and continues to practice massage and cranial sacral therapy on survivors of traumatic brain injury. She currently resides in South Florida.

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Second Edition
6x9, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, white, b&w interior, 188 pages