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The day after what the local newspaper had called a “vandalism spree,” Keaton Albertson was met with one of the most intense confrontations of his entire life. For years he had terrorized his isolated desert community with acts of gleeful destruction. Neighborhood cats had come up missing, the mountainside insignia of a rival high school had been morphed into a sex symbol, and several pop machines had been decimated with pipe bombs. Keaton’s career of disorderly conduct was without blemish; he had been accused many times but was never found guilty of any crime. But now, following a late night raid upon several school teachers’ houses that involved a dozen bottles of vintage relish, he learned that his compatriots had sold him out. Threatened with police intervention and pending litigation, Keaton’s backstabbing associates had confessed to all and directly implicated him into their activities. Would Keaton have to finally face the music and own up to his actions or would he be able to rebuff the turncoats and remain a free man? Criminal Mischief, Keaton Albertson’s initial tome of humorous satire, offers chucklesome accounts of a young man woven from a rotten moral fabric. This non-fiction memoir portrays abominable childhood exploits, adolescent vandalism escapades, and frat boy antics, complete with stimulating dialogue and witty narration.

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First Edition
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