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Looking through a pane of glass one can often see both their own reflection and the world beyond the glass. Imagine entering into that pane of glass and the world that it reveals. A man does just that, escorted by his own inner self emerging into a cocoon of light and the presence of God inside the glass. From there the man embarks on a series of physical journeys while his other self travels a corresponding spiritual journey. When the two emerge from the glass they are forever joined as one. A story of personal discovery, the man undertakes a pilgrimage where he finds more about himself than he had ever known.
Richard Sivers has been writing stories and plays most of his life. His plays have appeared on stages and in churches, and his writings about history have appeared in numerous publications. Now retired after nearly forty years of active ministry in the United Methodist Church, he spends his time writing and traveling. Over the years he has received a number of awards for his civic work. In 2006 he published his first book, "The Mystic Vision" which chronicled his own journey of self-discovery as a mystic. He considers this latest book, "The Pane of Faith" a spiritual revelation, taking the reader on a journey of personal identity unveiling. Rev. Sivers currently lives near Philadelphia, PA.

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