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Being the daughter of an alcoholic is very hard these days. Add a spouse that suffers with addiction to the mix and you have a nightmare. Glance into the lives of those who suffer threw these moments praying for that person of who the addict or alcoholic was before, to come back. Some of us get that pray answered, the other 98 percent of us don't. Were stuck together for lifetime of battling alcohol and drugs. Know one who has not personal experienced this doesnot know exactly how it feels to be the punching bag of addicts. 2 at that.
Have you every felt depressed? Nervous? Scared? Felt as if you were walking on egg shells around someone? Never speaking because you may make them angry? Yea it isn't the best feeling in the world but it is the worst. Emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse to alot of people. Especially those who suffer at the hand of an addict.

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