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Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary) is a breakthrough book in the self-defense genre. Unlike many systems that are too complicated for the average person, author Sean Ramey has assembled a series of seven steps which. if taken to heart. will have readers walking through life more confidently.

The aim of Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary) is to provide readers with a fundamental understanding of what to do when they are caught in a life-threatening situation. One does not need to be a super-athlete to put these steps into practice, as Ramey has geared his message for the average person who has neither the means. nor the desire, to step into a martial arts studio.

Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary) is for college students. business profes.sionals and stay-at-home parents alike. As Ramey writes, "Everyone -regardless of age, gender, size or athletic ability -should be able to walk safely through the world knowing they are armed with the tools to survive and thrive."

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