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Diagnosed with ALS in 2015 and confined to a wheelchair in 2018, he wrote his first collection of essays, entitled Wanderings of a Captive Mind. This new, second set of essays was written entirely using just his eyes. The essays are by practical necessity shorter than, and without the many references of, those in his prior collection.

"Now that I am 'immune' to embarrassment, I can 'speak'. I need not hide my opinions. I do not worry anymore about offending people (not so much anyway). I dealt with my prejudices through reason and reasoning. I 'thought' myself to acceptance and tolerance, even though I did not much like people."

"An old friend said when reading Wanderings that 'Although I have to admit that your points of view do not fall comfortably into a "PC compatible" category, I do not find them in the least 'offensive.' You have brought a fierce belief in rational argument to bear on subjects that are seldom considered appropriate to reasoned debate. At this point ... in my life, I do not share your faith in logical arguments.​' Actually, it is a fierce belief in the powerfulness of reasoning itself, for oneself, not for argument or persuasion. The need to understand, to see, to try to know, even though inevitably doomed to failure."

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Second Edition
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