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Have you ever read a book and thought “That’s amazing; I never knew that Cheetah’s were so articulate. My head hurts from the freedom of laughter?”

Chances are one in 200,000,000 that this has been the case for you (actual math).

If you read this book you will have an inability to say anything non-sexual for 48 hours, which is my promise to you as the author and curator of humor and oddities at large.

Lock yourself in a room, turn off every light that you find dampens the sensitivity of brain usage, and lose yourself in the world of Eric Malteca.

Here’s a snippet from one of the 14 included stories, The Boy Born with a Hole:

"...These provocative creatures, which live in a very distant and remote land, are born without an exit hole for by-product. They bare no waste. Everything that they consume is stored, post digestion, someplace in their highly pliable bodies. As you might imagine, they astronomize to astronomical proportions and consumize to immeasurable immeasurabilities..."

Don’t believe that what you are reading is truthful and that such a classic work of word-combining could be possible?

Well, believe it or not, these things are flying off of the digital shelves faster than spit from the eating receptacle of a Llama and people are saying great things about it, such as:

“Humor isn't one-size-fits-all, but in this book, it surely does! These short anecdotes had me in tears, I laughed so hard.“

“Each story starts with a cartoon that illustrates the plot or a catching detail from the story. Those are great cartoons that already have the brains go into dopamine mode before even reading any letter on that page.”

“Thank you Mr. Malteca, which kind of sounds like Manteca, translated from Spanish to mean either butter or lard. Mal meaning Bad. So you've got Eric Bad Butter or something close to that effect writing these stories...maybe that's just funny to me.”

Enjoy yourselves immensely!

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