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Barbara's world is falling apart — her relationship is dissolving, her martial arts school is in uproar, and the characters in her book are refusing to conform to her theories. Laura's arrival exacerbates the simmering tensions until everyone is caught up in a conflagration that illuminates weaknesses as well as unexpected strengths.

Magdalena Zschokke, sailboat captain and martial arts instructor, is the author of five previous novels: Windswept (96) and Salt Rock Mysteries (98), both published by New Victoria; Fulcrum (2000, Authorhouse), Delayed Paradise [the sequel to Windswept], and Maybe Tomorrow (both published in 2007 by Windstorm Creative). She teaches writing in the State prison system and holds ongoing writing groups.

"A fast-moving tale of the study of martial arts and vampire narratives, this novel displays the same psychological insight and love of realistic detail as the earlier books by the same author."
Milena Moser, Bestselling Author of Putzfraueninsel

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