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Once upon a time there was two boys who wanted to go to Rio so they can have fun in life for once. They convinced their parents to let them go to Rio. There they seeked an adventure of a lifetime. They were chosen to stop The Lord of the Dark. He was also known as the Lord. He wants to bring peace to the world by taking over it and implementing new laws. On their way to stop the lord they go through many mysteries and they lose someone important. This allows them to take a move on the lord and find out who he really was. Cole and Cory is the main characters, they have company and that company is their friends from 4th grade. They seek to destroy the lord and whoever is inside that suit. They found a way to get out and they went back to their base to gear up. When they got their they were stunned because the Lord had found out about their base and he destroyed. Fortunately Uncle Alex and Aunt Mary were alright. Their base on the other hand was destroyed and was in pieces. Mordred was the spy for the Lord because his parents were prisoners for the lord. Cole and Cory assured Mordred that they would get Mordred’s parents alive and hand them over to Mordred in one. He was still worried.They tracked down the location of the lord, but it was all a trap. The lord wanted to trap the four and there was Mordred, he also got trapped. They did find a way to get out and they will stop the Lord of the Dark. They got out of there and they went to their old base, where they met George. They thought that they would never would go back to where George died. They got everything that they could and they were ready to the Lord face to face. Fist to fist. Cole was angry and wanted to get revenge on Surge (Lord’s assistant) for killing George. They went to the Lord’s base and they battled hard but they he was too strong. Alex said that if the four can combine and can focus on one thing they can shoot a powerful beam. They did that and they shot the Lord and his identity was stunning...

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First Edition
5.5x8.5, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, white semigloss, color interior, 64 pages